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Today has been a little hard and I realise whenever I feel lost and stuck I restrict because if I am lost somewhere and not moving forward then I may as well be ill and sick but I don’t want to be ill and sick and the reason I am lost and stuck is because I am ill and sick so I have tried to keep fighting and now I feel a little better as I made myself a little plan.

I know, I know, I don’t need a plan but I now have one. I plan to get healthy, to get myself a little job and save save save for a year or however long it takes me then and this is thanks to all your wonderful motivating messages I shall travel, I don’t know where or when but I shall and I shall see the world. 

I think I have finally realised I don’t want to study anything or have a serious career, I just want to live and that is okay. It is more than okay, it is wonderful. I thank you all very much, lots of love from a little less confused about life Nicole. 

  1. blueeyesandflutterbies said: As long as you are happy, healthy and loved, that is all that matters! Have you ever thought of becoming a travel writer? xx
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