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A few proud moments but struggling a little now as you can probably see by supper but don’t worry I will be having something before bed. Breakfast: Porridge oats made with almond milk, chopped almonds, ginger and raspberries. Morning Snack: One banana, vanilla yogurt, blueberries and almonds. Lunch: Two slices of oatmeal bread with philadelphia, tomato, spinach and a packet of lightly salted propercorn. Afternoon Snack: Bear dried mango and pineapple with one fruit yoyo, frozen raspberries and two ryvita bakes. Dinner: Chili and lime seasoned red pepper, orange pepper, red onion and mushrooms with tasty rice noodles, I actually can’t wait to have these again :) Supper: Mini gingerbread men, one ryvita bake, one ginger and oat biscuit and I will really try to have some almond milk and almonds before bed.

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