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I know this looks strange there is a reason for this post.. I hope. I was feeling rather guilty for having my snack alone so I brushed my teeth, old habit I know, anyway this is what I noticed whilst trying to avoid the mirror! What is this little bit of hair I see? Is this new hair that is loving recovery and food or has this hair been killed by anorexia and lack of food? Either way this shows that hair LOVES and NEEDS food! As do our nails, teeth, legs, arms, hands, mouth, hearts, lungs, even our nostrils and ears! OUR BODIES NEED FOOD! So shh anorexia hate me all you want but this is my body and I shall eat even if I am alone! 

  1. glittervomitcunt said: I bet that’s what it is!! Yay to new hairs (:
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