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Wanting to wear leggings for the journey home but being too scared of feeling awfully fat and having to look at my thighs for nine hours would kill me. I swear I have gained weight since being here and it has all gone to my legs and bottom :( yet again I have awoken with a very bad body image! Eating my peanut buttery lunch anyway, anorexia you may make me feel awful but you wont stop me eating again. 

  1. erraticfairy said: Oh love you are so tiny! Wear whatever you comfortable with:)
  2. perfect-imperfections94 said: Oh and you look beautiful as always love
  3. frederikkessecret said: It’s so sad, what this disease make you think about your self. You’re so skinny. not a single gram of fat. I think that every body will turn around in the airport thinking that you’re really sick, and does not have fat legs! Not at all!!!
  4. masksofperfectixn said: sweetie there’s no need to be scared of wearing them, honestly!! xxxxxx
  5. aoifefa said: oh gosh you’re so so so little :( <3 wear whatever you’re comfortable and happy in , have a safe journey home <3
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